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The Scribe’s Window Online Writer’s Group is a supportive, learning environment for those seeking to improve their writing and who are prepared to be generous and constructive in their critique of others. This 8-week workshop is limited to eight participants and you must have a webcam and headphones to participate.

Each week includes a lesson about a topic, a related writing exercise with sharing among the group, and a critique of one participant’s work. Your tuition includes a separate one-on-one hour long consultation with facilitator, Cherise Fisher, by phone.

The Program

The facilitator will respond to the needs of the group when finalizing topics week to week. Therefore, the following outline is subject to change.

Week 1: Introductory Session: Expectations and Aspirations

Week 2: Identifying Protagonist, Antagonist, and Conflict: The Building Blocks of Plot

Week 3: Who are These People? All About Character

Week 4: Improbable Coincidences, Flashbacks, Over-Saturation and other Plot Landmines.

Week 5: Using Dialogue to Reveal Character and Create Drama

Week 6: Using Setting, Symbolism, and Style to Create a Fuller Experience for the Reader Or How to Show and Not Tell

Week 7: What is My Story Really About? Themes & Authenticity

Week 8: Becoming Your Own Editor


This was my first writer’s class and I enjoyed everything about it. The small class size made the setting more intimate and personal. The exercises were great. Even though we tried to run from them, it really helped to see things with other likeminded people. Overall, I give you an A+.

Yolanda Gore, October 2011 Group

You’ve heard the saying “Behind every good man is a great woman.” The same can be applied to writing. Behind every good writer is a great editor and Cherise Fisher is the best. She does not silence your voice as a writer. Instead, with her guidance, keen eye and knowledge, you work will sing.

Keleigh Hadley, October 2011 Group

You were born for this!!! The class, your teaching, the other writers — the experience will last me a lifetime. I count it an honor to have been able to sit at your feet and drink up your knowledge. Your voice will forever be in my head as I continue to write my stories. Though, exposing my weaknesses in front of others was scary and challenging, it also was very necessary as a part of my growth. Thank you for being so kind, gracious and HONEST!

Iris Celeste, October 2011 Group

The Online Writer’s Group was more than I had hoped it would be. The class was small and intimate, and each writer had a special strength. All were talented writers and our instructor, Cherise Fisher, was an excellent leader. Personally, Cherise took time to read through my submittal and do almost a line by line critique, all handled professionally. Her input was invaluable to me and helped me go in the direction I needed to go in to help me get my story further along. It wasn’t just Cherise talking/teaching — she strongly encouraged participation and wanted each of us to give our opinion. I learned a lot, wished it could have lasted longer.

Cheryl Taylor, October 2011 Group

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