What We've Done

The Scribe’s Window has worked with a variety of authors on a broad range of books. Here are a few of the books Cherise Fisher has edited over her twenty-year career. Click on a book cover to learn more.

Non Fiction

(By Category)

Da Costa, Diane
• Textured Tresses


Croce, Pat (Fireside)
• I Feel Great and You Will Too
• 110%
• Lead or Get Off the Pot

Harris, Carla
Expect to Win


Moyo, K. Kofi
Real Men Cook

Wilbur, Todd
Top Secret Recipes Series


Brin, Lindsay
The Cheerleader Fitness Plan
• How to Exercise When You’re Expecting

Boston Women’s Health Collective
Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause
• Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy & Childbirth

Chilton, Floyd with Laura Tucker
Inflammation Nation

George, Michael
Body Express

Weight Watchers
Simply Delicious
• Best of Weight Watchers Magazine
• Take-Out Tonight
• Cook It Quick


*Attwood, Janet and Chris Attwood
• The Passion Test

Bernard, A.R.
• Happiness Is

Big Boom
• If You Want Closure in Your Relationship, Start with Your Legs

Gray, Farrah
• The Truth Shall Make You Rich

Klausner, Henriette
• Write It Down, Make It Happen

Nozizwe, Lena
• Starring in Your Own Life

Royalle, Candida
• How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do

Shiraz, Yasmin (Fireside)
• The Blueprint for My Girls
• The Blueprint for My Girls in Love


Baszile, Jennifer
• The Black Girl Next Door, Touchstone

Ivory, Steve
• Fool in Love

Kassindja, Fauziya
• Do They Hear You When You Cry

*Lopez, George
• Why You Crying?

Williams, Stanley “Tookie”
• Blue Rage, Black Redemption


Banks, Ralph Richard
• Is Marriage for White People

Morgan, Joan
• When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost

Scott Poulson-Bryant and Smokey Fontaine
• What’s You Hi-Fi Q?

Shawn Wayans, Chris Spencer and Suli McCullough
• 150 Ways to Tell if You’re Ghetto


Kobliner, Beth
• Get a Financial Life, 3rd Edition

Morris, Kenneth (Lightbulb Press)
• Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Money and Investing, 3rd Edition,
• Wall Street Journal Guide to Personal Finance, 4th Edition
• Wall Street Journal Guide to Planning Your Financial Future, 3rd Edition


(By Author’s Name)

Baisden, Michael
• Maintenance Man, October 2000
• Men Cry in the Dark, August 2001
• *God’s Gift to Women, October 2002

Bright, Susie
• Best Amerian Erotica, yearly collection published each February

Cortez, Heidi
• Heidi’s Bedtime Stories, November 2006

• Fever, July 2006

DeBerry, Virginia and Donna Grant
• Gotta Keep Tryin’, October 2008

George, Nelson
• One Woman Short, June 2000
• Show & Tell, September 2001
• Night Work, June 2003
• Accidental Hunter, Feb 2005

Johnson, Sadeqa
• Love in a Carry On Bag

• Secret Society, April 2006
• Diary of a Mistress, August 2006
• Mommy’s Angel, June 2007


Mink, Meesha and Christian Williams
• Desperate Hoodwives, Feb 2008

Murray, Victoria Christopher
• Truth Be Told, July 2004
• Grown Folks Business, June 2005
• A Sin and a Shame, June 2006
• The Ex-Files, July 2007

Parsons, Tony
• Man & Boy, May 2002
• Man & Wife, May 2003
• One for My Baby, March 2004

Talbert, David
• Baggage Claim, October 2003
• Love on the Dotted Line, March 2004

Wright, Bil
• Sunday You Learn How to Box, February 2000
• One Food in Love, March 2004

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