What We Do

At The Scribe’s Window, we help writers through the process of creating. We bring in the light of inspiration, revelation and affirmation. We build the frame through which authors actualize their vision of reaching people with their ideas and stories.



“The unread story is not a story; it is little black marks on wood pulp. The readers, reading it, makes it live: a live thing, a story.” —Ursula K. LeGuin

Our Goals

  • To magnify what is working well and fortify what is lacking
  • To become one with your writing voice
  • To illuminate the impact of your words apart from your intentions

The Developmental Edit

  • With the first read, we identify and help solve problems a novelist may have with characterization, dialogue, plot, imagery, setting, foreshadowing, context, point of view, and proportion. For the nonfiction writer, we challenge and suggest an organization for your ideas that maximize cogency and marketability.
  • The second review occurs after you revise the book, is a line edit, which is a word-by-word examination of the text with the intention of improving cadence and clarity.
  • The third and final review occurs after your second revision. The intention here is to make sure that the book is at its best and ready for publication. You may also opt for a copyedit at this stage.

The Manuscript or Proposal Consultation

Your draft will be read thoroughly and you will receive a 6-8 page report highlighting your book’s strengths, deciphering its weaknesses, and suggesting ways to bolster what is needed. At the end of this process, you will have a roadmap for your next draft. This is the ideal service for the writer of the finished manuscript who is not clear on what the next step. Clients often move to a full developmental edit or coaching after this service.


Cherise is absolutely the best and I mean that sincerely and without equivocation. We actually met before I started writing a book based on my Essence magazine column.  I had a few different ideas and she counseled me that I should write the first novel based on an existing property with a fan base. After getting a review report of the first draft, my book of short stories expanded into a full novel. She provided me a very detailed and pinpointed review of the manuscript. Then I received the line by line edit of the second draft. I thought the book was good before, but her insight and edits helped me taking it to the level I wanted it to be. Cherise is a gift to work with because she is so intelligent, experienced, direct but tender.

Nathan Hale Williams

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cherise twice. On the first project, Cherise did a manuscript consultation with me. I was very pleased with the results from that, and so I hired her to do a developmental edit for my second novel. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the table from her time in traditional publishing, and she has a very keen eye in helping shape a manuscript. She’s able to zone in and determine the best ways to reduce wordiness, and helped me answer questions regarding character motivation, continuity, and POV. I think she’s a brilliant editor and find myself surrendering to her suggestions without feeling as though my creative integrity is being assaulted. I actually look forward to seeing her notes and am always inspired to get cracking right away on making the appropriate changes.

Lloyd Johnson

Cherise Fisher is a talented and meticulous book editor who was a great help to me in writing Edge of Eternity.

Ken Follett

I believed that I could publish my book on my own, but I had no way of figuring out how to do it. As an independent author debuting for the first time it was important to me to present my work as professional and flawless as possible. I knew I had a good story but I needed an editor who was going to make me better. On both Love in a Carry-on Bag and Second House From the Corner, Cherise’s edits made me think, write more, cry a little, and reach deeper. Working with her forces you to tell the truth; she never lets you hide or take short cuts. Her gentle way makes me feel safe to do the work that we do together but always pushes me to be the best, to present well. Cherise is for the perfect midwife to my stories.”

Sadeqa Johnson

It was a pleasure to work with Cherise. She offers different editorial services, but I chose the manuscript consultation. She read the manuscript and then addressed plot, pacing, character etc. Her report was intensive and she captured every single discrepancy and suggested storyline cuts and character expansion to make my characters more believable. We also had a phone conversation where she answered all my questions. She is very thorough and her expertise shows.

Michelle Lindo Rice

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