What We Do

At The Scribe’s Window, we help writers through the process of creating. We bring in the light of inspiration, revelation and affirmation. We build the frame through which authors actualize their vision of reaching people with their ideas and stories.


“Writing is not an enigma. It is a sport.” – Natalie Goldberg

Our Goal: To energize, embolden and equip you to start or finish your masterpiece.

Coaching is a synergistic process designed to jumpstart and maintain your enthusiasm for your work. We will meet regularly by phone to help you develop and execute focused, achievable writing goals – completing a book proposal or first draft, writing an outline for a new novel, beginning a memoir, or building a strategy around platform. This is the ideal service for the writer of the unfinished manuscript, or that someone who needs a gentle taskmaster and sounding board.



“I am very glad to provide a most positive and enthusiastic reference for Cherise!  I was “all over the map” with my novel for years (emotionally and otherwise) and she really helped me focus on developing story, plot and themes for my book. By the end of it, I had the makings of the novel from start to finish. Cherise is smart as a whip, industry experienced and saavy, well connected,intuitive, insightful and supportive. Her coaching is engaged, and committed with the dose of “tough love” needed to keep a writer on track. She is very good on catching what you cannot see in your own work, be it a jewel or a weird inconsistency. I was and remain very impressed with her ability to listen and “get me.” I also needed alot of handholding and reassurance that my story was worth tellling and that my writing was good enough to tell it. She is also very passionate about working with individual writers –it’s her calling and her sweet spot.”

Angelique Electra

Cherise thoughtfully and professionally moved me from a thinking phase to a focused methodical process to guarantee the completion of my memoir. Significantly, she helped me understand that writing the book would generate revelations that could lead to new and exciting ways to express my thoughts.  The sessions were inspirational as Cherise skillfully allowed me to unleash my creativity.  I would highly recommend Cherise to anyone interested in moving forward on a writing project.

Wanda E. Flowers

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