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Testimonials from clients, authors and publishing professionals who have worked with Cherise Fisher

Your editorial review of my client’s novel was truly excellent. You have amazing insight, and really pushed her to do such great work.” 

Wendy Sherman

Wendy Sherman Associates Literary Management

“Working with Cherise Fisher was a pleasure.  Her editorial instincts and insights were invaluable to me.   She is extremely professional, and clearly brings a wealth of experience to the table.  I feel fortunate to have her as a resource for my indie publishing company.”

Wendy Lipp

Prashanti Press

“I feel like Cherise saved me at a point when I was drowning in rejection from the big publishing houses. I believed that I could publish my book on my own, but I had no way of figuring out how to do it. As an independent author debuting for the first time it was important to me to present my work as professional and flawless as possible. I knew I had a good story but I needed an editor who was going to make me better. Cherise was so personal with me. On both Love in a Carry-on Bag and Second House From the Corner, her edits made me think, write more, cry a little, and reach deeper. Working with her forces you to tell the truth; she never lets you hide or take short cuts. Her gentle, mothering way makes me feel safe to do the work that we do together but you always push me to be the best, to present well. She also made me feel that what was bouncing around in my head mattered. Cherise is for the perfect midwife to my stories.”

Sadeqa Johnson


“Cherise Fisher was more than just an editor but a co-pilot of sorts, helping navigate the turbulence, steering me toward clearer creative skies and a smooth landing onto the national bestseller list.”

David E. Talbert

Author of Baggage Claim

“Cherise is a consummate professional that delivers expert strategic guidance in the publishing industry. I had the pleasure of working with her on the Yale in Hollywood New York Summit where she delivered what many of the participants described as a “life changing” seminar on the nuts and bolts of creating a marketable manuscript. With years of experience, Cherise has the unique ability to give guidance in a personable, creative and affirming way. Something that is rare in the challenging publishing industry. It is always a pleasure working with Cherise and you can count on honest feedback and focused results.”

Nicholas Roman Lewis

Yale In Hollywood, 2011 and 2013 Entrepreneurial Leader, Nonprofit Strategist, Entertainment Attorney

“Cherise was a marvelous, creative and thoughtful colleague at Penguin—I always valued her opinion and our conversations about book projects, the culture generally, and the business environment.”

Carol De Santi

VP, Editor at Large, Penguin Group USA

“Cherise worked for me as a Senior Editor at Touchstone Fireside. During her time there she acquired and edited a broad range of best-selling fiction and non-fiction titles, including books that got on the New York Times bestseller list.She has a keen eye for talent and was loved by her authors for her skills and for her professional manner. She was equally adept at “selling” her books and authors in-house going the extra distance to help the sales and marketing people publish her list of books to the widest audiences. She is a terrific communicator and has a winning personality.”

Mark Gompertz

Content Curation/Editor/Trade and Direct Publisher

“Cherise Fisher was the editor of my first novel, Sunday You Learn How to Box. From our very first meeting, Cherise showed immense respect for the book and made it a wonderful collaboration, using her expertise, sensitivity and skill to help me make it the best book it could be.”

Bil Tsega Wright


“I met Cherise at a publishing workshop that was part of the Yale in Hollywood conference in New York City on March 5, 2011. She critiqued my book proposal based on my blog (which has to do with what I learned from living outside the United States, in England and Japan, for many years). Cherise was kind, supportive, and extremely incisive in what she said. In just a few minutes, she had me thinking in new, much more productive directions. I—as well as many of the other workshop participants—found our interactions with Cherise the most memorable and worthwhile part of the Yale event. My highest recommendation!”

Mary Lea Awanohara

Director of Marketing and Communications, Columbia University School of Social Work

When I walked into that office at Dutton to discuss my book, THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU RICH, and met Cherise Fisher, I knew immediately that I’d just met someone wise, elegant and assured. Over the course of a year, I realized that she was also a warrior. Her fearless passion for my words and my success made all the difference.”

Farrah Gray


“Cherise is an incredibly seasoned and, above all, intelligent editor. When we worked together I valued her insights about the merits of a project enormously, and I often sought her ideas about how to shape a project to make it more commercial. She has an impeccable eye and a graceful touch. I would recommend her without reservation.”

Doris Cooper

Vice President & Associate Publisher, Clarkson Potter and Potter Style/Random House

“I apprenticed under Cherise at Simon & Schuster/Touchstone Fireside, helping to manage her title list (and authors) and ushering books through the publishing process. Her organization, professionalism, sharp insight, and clear, thoughtful manner of communicating were and are an example to aspire to. Her knowledge of the publishing industry and passion for the business permeated every project. I learned many things working with Cherise, not the least of which was how to be the kind of editor a writer can trust and enjoy collaborating with. I feel blessed to have had her as a mentor and any writer would be equally blessed to work with her on their creative endeavors.”

Ally Machate

Ambitious Enterprises

“Cherise was our acquiring editor at Simon &  Schuster, and as such she was insightful, visionary and great at shepherding our book through the complex publishing maze. Her advice throughout the process was spot on, clearly communicated and invaluable. We have worked with a number of editors throughout our twenty year writing career, and would recommend Cherise’s editorial services without hesitation or quivocation.”

Virigina DeBerry and Donna Grant


“Cherise was the editor of my book “Conquering Chaos at Work” (Simon & Schuster) and I loved working with her! She has a keen editorial eye, the ability to see both the details and the big picture clearly, and a special way of communicating constructive criticism candidly yet compassionately. Her insights and advice along with her warmth and humor also made her a joy to work with. I recommend her highly to any writer who is seeking expert editorial guidance and savvy publishing advice.”

Harriet Schecter


Cherise thoughtfully and professionally moved me from a thinking phase to a focused methodical process to guarantee the completion of my memoir. At the end of my coaching sessions, I had a beginning, middle and end. Significantly, she helped me understand that writing the book would generate revelations that could lead to new and exciting ways to express my thoughts. The sessions were inspirational as Cherise skillfully allowed me to unleash my creativity. I would highly recommend Cherise to anyone interested in moving forward on a writing project.

Wanda E. Flowers

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